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bizhub 306 / 266


The new bizhub 306 series is compact and light, enabling it to fit in almost any type of working space. Equipped with more functionalities the new series deliver high volume B&W printouts that meets the needs of a small to medium offices environment.

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Advanced Security Technology

SMTP authentication

To support SMTP authentication which permits sending e-mail to users authenticated by the SMTP server. E-mail servers and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) etc which are set for SMTP authentication can be used. Connection to an SMTP server allows SSL communication, so e-mail can be sent in a security-conscious state. This is suitable for small offices and other situations without a private e-mail server.

Security Print

Even when a print job is executed, the MFP will not print until password has been entered.


Different types of Watermarks can be added on the documents based on the purpose or importance level of documents.

Account Track

Usage restrictions can be applied to copy and print functions by registering a 3-digit account number. This restricts users who are not authorised to use the MFP, and usage by each account can be tracked.

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